Online Orchid Registration from Monday 16th July 2018.

For the first time ever, people wanting to register a new orchid hybrid name with the RHS in its role as an International Cultivar Registration Authority (ICRA) will be able to do it online.
They will be able to create an account, add all the details about their plant, send photographs and pay their registration fee all through the new online system.
Orchids is just the beginning though – dahlias and daffodils will follow closely behind and the remaining 6 plant groups that the RHS is responsible for will be soon in the works.

This development is a great demonstration of our commitment to supporting plant breeders and to our work as an ICRA, supporting stability in cultivated plant naming.
Once live, we will be working with the Orchid community to spread the news and encourage more people to register their plants now that it’s so easy to do!

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