The Orchadian is the quarterly journal of ANOS Inc. Commenced in August 1963, it began as a hand printed newsletter which has been gradually upgraded. It is now produced in full colour containing articles on a broad range of topics including culture, species, hybrids, shows and conferences, field excursions, scientific work, orchid history and discovery, conservation and ANOS awards. Details are provided of ANOS groups, contacts and events, and developments in expanding the scope and activities of the Society. Individual or family subscription to the journal confers membership of ANOS Inc. on a yearly basis, and members have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.

Be kept up to date with what is happening with native orchids in Australasia by subscribing now. Subscriptions are due in July each year, and commence with the September edition. New subscribers may be sent some past editions for the current year of subscription when these are available.

Writers are invited to submit articles to the Editor for consideration for publication. Scientific and major articles are peer reviewed by suitably qualified professionals and others in the area of interest. Articles relating to taxonomy are reviewed by staff of national herbaria or equivalent tertiary institutions. General articles are edited for accuracy and clarity. Contact the editor for further information regarding the requirements for article submission.

Deadlines for copy are set, at Feb.15, May 15, August 15 and Nov.15. Material submitted after those dates may not be included, show dates should come in before the deadlines.  The deadlines and a comment about providing show dates before them should always be on the website, and it is the responsibility of groups to provide the details, rather than a second party, as that involves checking and arrangements that can change.

The current Editor is Ian Chalmers. A team of people assist in gathering a wide range of material to offer readers, and to produce the issues.

Orchadian Guidelines to Authors by Ian Chalmers 14/11 2022 *NEW*

Biodiversity Heritage Library – The Orchadian back issues 1963 – 2015 *NEW*

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Volume 1 Page 1 of the first The Orchadian

Published in  August 1963.




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