Ira Butler Awards – judging Feb. 2023

The Ira Butler Trophy.
The winner was Dendrobium Grey Ghost ‘Tumbi’ owned by Neville Lee.

Silver Certificates were Dendrobium Dunokayla – Ron Findlater and

Dendrobium Dingadee Gold ‘Maya’ – Carole Barnett.

The Bill Murdoch Trophy.
The winner was Dendrobium tetragonum ‘Jess’ owned by David Butler.

Silver Certificates were Plectorrhiza tridentata ‘Bruce George’ – David Knight and

Dendrobium striolatum ‘Phena’s Ruffles’ – DUNO.

G Hermon Slade Hybrid Trophy.
The winner was Dendrobium Alexandra Lass ‘Cecile’ owned by P & C Horgan.

Silver Certificates were Dendrobium Amphion Aglaea ‘Jupiter Shadow’ – DUNO and

Dendrobium Neifert’s Exception – B. Porter

G Hermon Slade Species Trophy had one entry, so a Silver Certificate was granted Bulbophyllum gerlandianum – D. Rajaratnam

Photo’s coming soon on the Ira Butler website 

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