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Thelymitra nuda a species described 1810 by Brown R.


x with:
antennifera  = Goldfingers  1996 Nesbitts
aristata  = Nossa  1998 Beyrle H.
crinita  = Arabnak Youko  2019 Kanbara R. -Nesbitts
epipactoides  = Seagull  2000 Nesbitts
Kay Nesbitt  = Sleeping Beauty  1998 Beyrle H.
luteocilium  = X chasmogama  1927 Rogers R.S.(Lindley)
Calochilus robertsonii  = Cmta. Memoria Jack Warcup  1998 Beyrle H.
rubra  = Spring Delight  1996 Nesbitts
variegata  = Ron Heberle  1999 Beyrle H.

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