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Sarcochilus weinthalii a species described 1903 by Bailey F.M.


x with:
australis  = Faith Hissey  2018 Kopicki K.
Cherie  = Cherie's Wine  1992 Florafest
Dove  = Little Pip  2002 Butler D.F.
falcatus  = Susan  1985 Florafest
fitzgeraldii  = Peach Spots  1991 Simpson Orchids
Fitzhart  = Davey Woolf  1995 Florafest
hartmannii  = Weinhart  1970 Cannons W. & J. -Borger B.
Heidi  = Frolic   Butler D.F.
Judith  = Judys Wine  1993 Florafest
Magenta  = Mischief   Butler D.F.
Mavis  = Pindan Spots  1995 Simpson Orchids
Melba  = Cream Puff  1993 Florafest
Michael Derham  = Drayton Wine  1994 Florafest
Nabiac  = Sparkles   Butler D.F.
Riverdene  = Freckles  2000 Butler D.F.
spathulatus  = Western's Surprise  2012 Western Orchids -Kopicki K.
Star Struck  = Ngungun  2006 Simpson Orchids
Weinhart  = Double Wine  1992 Florafest -Klein I.
Yvette  = Trinket  2007 Butler D.F.

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