Australian native hybrid checklist.

To confirm the registration of an Australian native hybrid & view its composition/progeny: (Database as at 1st January 2020 RHS registrations)
For non-Australian Dendrobium hybrids use the Dendrobium Hybrids checklist here

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31 Australian native orchid hybrids registered by Jupp V.&N. :

1986 Dendrobium Nathan Wall
1984 Dendrobium Allyn King
1984 Dendrobium Allyn Prince
1984 Dendrobium Allyn Supreme
1984 Dendrobium Fay Moore
1984 Dendrobium Glenn WaIl
1984 Dendrobium Justin Wall
1984 Dendrobium Natalie Wall
1984 Dendrobium Star of Riverdene
1981 Dendrobium Star Glow
1981 Dendrobium Star Kim
1980 Dendrobium Michael Jupp
1980 Dendrobium Star Delight
1980 Dendrobium Star of Dawn
1980 Dendrobium Star One
1979 Dendrobium Double Two
1979 Dendrobium Star Imp
1979 Dendrobium Yellow Velture
1977 Dendrobium Allyn Sands
1977 Dendrobium Allyn Star
1977 Dendrobium Goose Bumps
1976 Sarcochilus Riverdene
1975 Dendrobium Rosemary Jupp
1975 Dendrobium Sun Sprite
1974 Dendrobium Tom Jupp
1973 Dendrobium Star Falcon
1973 Dendrobium Star of Gold
1971 Dendrobium Gresford
1971 Dendrobium Star
1969 Dendrobium Alan Printer
1969 Dendrobium Virginia Jupp