Australian native hybrid checklist.

To confirm the registration of an Australian native hybrid & view its composition/progeny: (Database as at 1st January 2020 RHS registrations)
For non-Australian Dendrobium hybrids use the Dendrobium Hybrids checklist here

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26 Australian native orchid hybrids registered by Banks, David :

1998 Dendrobium Comboyne
1995 Dendrobium Amber Banks
1995 Dendrobium Jannine Banks
1992 Sarcochilus Heartlight
1987 Dendrobium Graeme Banks
1987 Dendrobium Whispering Jack
1987 Dendrobium Winston Hills
1986 Dendrobium Arcadia
1986 Sarcochilus Arcadia
1986 Dendrobium Berserker
1986 Dendrobium Ferg Martin
1986 Sarcochilus George Colthup
1986 Dendrobium Margery Angeleri
1986 Dendrobium Northmead
1984 Dendrobium Telekon
1984 Dendrobium Ultravox
1984 Dendrobium Vida Banks
1984 Dendrobium Warrior
1983 Dendrobium Essie Banks
1983 Dendrobium Fiona Banks
1983 Sarcochilus Heidi
1983 Dendrobium Kathryn Banks
1983 Dendrobium Kevin Banks
1983 Dendrobium Lynette Banks
1982 Sarcochilus Devils Tower
1980 Sarcochilus Shooting Star