Australian native hybrid checklist.

To confirm the registration of an Australian native hybrid & view its composition/progeny: (Database as at 1st January 2020 RHS registrations)
For non-Australian Dendrobium hybrids use the Dendrobium Hybrids checklist here

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24 Australian native orchid hybrids registered by Farrell, Callyn :

2019 Dendrobium Hunter Doadstar
2019 Dendrobium Hunter Intent
2019 Dendrobium Hunter Quest
2019 Sarcochilus Hunter Verdant
2018 Dendrobium Hunter Affair
2018 Dendrobium Hunter Bullion
2018 Dendrobium Hunter Crash
2018 Dendrobium Hunter Doll
2018 Dendrobium Hunter Harlequin
2018 Dendrobium Hunter Sparkle
2017 Dendrobium Hunter Cracker
2017 Dendrobium Hunter Gem
2017 Dendrobium Hunter Shadow
2017 Dendrobium Hunter Sunset
2016 Dendrobium Hunter Dream
2016 Dendrobium Hunter Evelyn (originator: D.U.N.O. )
2015 Dendrobium Binh Ba (originator: Gerhard B. )
2015 Dendrobium Don't Forget (originator: Gerhard B. )
2015 Dendrobium Hunter Revenge
2015 Dendrobium Hunter Romance
2015 Dendrobium Hunter Titanium (originator: Gerhard B. )
2015 Dendrobium Hunter Venus
2015 Dendrobium Memoria Brian Abbott
2015 Dendrobium Memoria Brian Gerhard (originator: Gerhard B. )