Australian native hybrid checklist.

To confirm the registration of an Australian native hybrid & view its composition/progeny: (Database as at 1st January 2020 RHS registrations)
For non-Australian Dendrobium hybrids use the Dendrobium Hybrids checklist here

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30 Australian native orchid hybrids registered by Batchelor S. :

1996 Dendrobium Yondi Beck
1996 Dendrobium Yondi Harvest
1996 Dendrobium Yondi Honey
1996 Dendrobium Yondi Neon
1996 Dendrobium Yondi Pearl
1996 Dendrobium Yondi Topaz
1994 Dendrobium Yondi Belle
1993 Dendrobium Bert Bushell
1993 Dendrobium Yondi Sunshine
1992 Dendrobium Careel
1992 Dendrobium Ken Roberts
1992 Dendrobium Stan Harper
1992 Dendrobium Yondi Cascade
1992 Dendrobium Yondi Extra
1992 Dendrobium Yondi Fire
1992 Dendrobium Yondi Gold
1992 Dendrobium Yondi Kingston
1992 Dendrobium Yondi Sparkle
1992 Dendrobium Yondi Tina
1991 Dendrobium Brellen
1990 Dendrobium Yondi Pioneer
1989 Dendrobium Yondi Glow
1988 Dendrobium Ira's Star (originator: Butler I. )
1988 Dendrobium Yondi Brolga
1988 Dendrobium Yondi Dreamtime
1988 Dendrobium Yondi Star
1987 Dendrobium Dot Sheen
1986 Dendrobium Jenni
1982 Dendrobium Phil Deane (originator: Deane R. )
1982 Dendrobium Yondi