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Den. Viktor Orbán

= Bengawan Solo  x   Pink Power  registered: 27/09/2017 by  Singapore Bot. Gdns
ANOS judging segment: ANOS exotic   (Section Ceratobium / Phalaenanthe / Spatulata )

Species composition summary:

lasianthera 56.3%   taurinum 16.2%   nindii 12.5%   tangerinum 6.3%   phalaenopsis 1.7%   violaceoflavens 1.6%   schulleri 1.4%   stratiotes 1.4%   lineale 1.2%   tokai 1.1%   aries 0.6%

Detailed composition:

Den. Viktor Orb?n  = Bengawan Solo  x  Pink Power = [Sharna Seeto x lasianthera] x [Tristar Power x Pink Lips]
Pink Lips = nindii x taurinum
Fran's Charm = Fran's Island x taurinum = [May Neal x Sunda Islands] x taurinum
Lippy Lynne = Lipstick x Lynne Kitsuki = [Edythe Pung x Aiko Tengan] x [Rose Chong x Aiko Tengan]
Sunda Islands = stratiotes x lineale
Aiko Tengan = Janice Tanaka x Joanne Sawers = [aries x taurinum] x [tokai x lineale]
Joanne Sawers = tokai x lineale
Caesar = phalaenopsis x stratiotes
Tristar Power = Talia Beauty x lasianthera = [Diane Kouchi x Fran's Charm] x lasianthera
Sharna Seeto = Tan Horns x lasianthera = [tangerinum x lasianthera] x lasianthera
Diane Kouchi = Chic x Lippy Lynne = [Valley King x violaceoflavens] x Lippy Lynne
May Neal = Hawaii x schulleri = [phalaenopsis x tokai] x schulleri
Valley King = Mildred Kazumura x phalaenopsis = [Hawaii x stratiotes] x phalaenopsis
Rose Chong = May Neal x Janice Tanaka = [Hawaii x schulleri] x [aries x taurinum]
Edythe Pung = schulleri x Caesar
Janice Tanaka = aries x taurinum
Hawaii = phalaenopsis x tokai