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13 Dendrobium hybrids registered by Lee Foong Ying :

2017 Dendrobium Dr and Mrs Hew Choy Sin (originator: Neo Tuan Hong )
2015 Dendrobium Gem de Jiemin (originator: Jiemin Primary School )
2015 Dendrobium Kraikan Sirirungsi (originator: Neo Tuan Hong )
2015 Dendrobium WRPS Passion
2014 Dendrobium HCH Corner House (originator: Neo Tuan Hong )
2014 Dendrobium Rochester 2014 (originator: T.C.York )
2014 Dendrobium SKPS (originator: Seng Kang Prim. Sch. )
2013 Dendrobium ISCA (originator: Yook T.C. )
2011 Dendrobium Pfizer Singapore (originator: Neo Tuan Hong )
2009 Dendrobium Belchim (originator: Law Moi Hwa )
2009 Dendrobium FDI Singapore (originator: Genting Orch. )
2008 Dendrobium Rivervale (originator: Law M.H. )
2003 Dendrobium Peixin Joy (originator: Woon Leng Nurs. )