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Dendrobium sutiknoi a species described 2005 by O'Bryne P.


x with:
Aminah Khatum  = Jumbo Amino  2017 Jumbo Orchids
Black Spider  = Lim Loong Keng  2007 Ang Chee Soong R.
cochliodes  = Sawadee  2011 Lim W.T. -O/U
Constance  = Caribbean Impala   Perez E. -O/U
discolor  = Malisa Lim Yuan Yuan  2009 Hong N.T.
Edward Mathias  = Green Spider  2017 Groffen A. -O/U
Garnet Beauty  = Mohamed Nasheed  2010 Singapore Bot. Gdns
Great Eastern  = Ambrosian Jade  2012 Chew E.M.K-A.
Great Wall  = Seletar Rajah  2014 Lim, David
Jaquelyn Concert  = Cherie Nursalim  2013 Gardens By The Bay -Law Moi Hwa
lasianthera  = Christabella  2006 Linuhung I.
lineale  = Tan Kok Swee  2017 Chew E.M.K-A.
Malayan Orange  = Asian Youth Games Singapore 09  2009 Singapore Bot. Gdns -Alsagoff S.Y.
Michiko  = Seletar Tanduk  2014 Lim, David
Nilda Tanlass  = Alois  2010 Singapore Bot. Gdns
Ong-Ang Ai Boon  = Helen Lum  2007 Ang Chee Soong R.
Oriental Star  = Kimberli  2006 Linuhung I.
Pauline  = Lim Neo Chian   Gardens by the Bay -Law Moi Hwa
Sharna Seeto  = Jamaica Antelope  2012 Hamilton, Claude -O/U
tangerinum  = Nicha Natron  2014 Nicha Orchid
taurinum  = Emrys Myles Chew   Chew E.M.K-A.
violaceoflavens  = Goh Pi Khuan  2010 Ying L.F. -Hong N.T.

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