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Dendrobium sanderae a species described 1909 by Rolfe R.A.


x with:
Alice Iwanaga  = Snow Festival  1987 Dogashima
dearei  = Isabel Sander  1937 Sanders[St Albans]
glomeratum  = Hsinying Sean  2005 Ching Hua
infundibulum  = Infunderae  1946 McBean's
Jane Warne  = Marcel Lecoufle  2014 Gruss O. -Marcel Lecoufle
nobile  = Snow White  1949 Sanders[St Albans]
Sander's Festival  = Hawaiian Festival  2006 H & R Nursery
schuetzei  = Thomas Warne  1948 Warne R.E.
Silver Bells  = Lai's Angel  2017 Lai C.L.
Snow Festival  = Sander's Festival  2001 H & R Nursery
Thomas Warne  = Alice Iwanaga  1967 Iwanaga E.
virgineum  = Hsinying Kaoli  2007 Ching Hua

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