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Dendrobium cuthbertsonii a species described 1888 by Mueller F. von


x with:
bracteosum  = Nagomi  2009 Oomura F.
ceraula  = Misty Magic  2005 Crawford D. & M.
glomeratum  = Mtn's Butterfly Kisses  2017 Mountain Orch.
goldschmidtianum  = Magenta Magic  2003 Crawford D. & M.
laevifolium  = Aussie's Hi-Lo  1998 Spence P.
lawesii  = Illusion  1997 Mountain Orch.
melinanthum  = Teipels Farbrausch   Teipel P.
mohlianum  = Papuatu  2000 Crawford D. & M.
prasinum  = Gina Perlite  2000 Golden Gate
pseudoglomeratum  = Mountain Magic  1996 Mountain Orch.
victoriae-reginae  = Flower Baby  1994 Warren R.

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