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32 Dendrobium hybrids registered by Tdares :

2017 Dendrobium Tdares Gold Baby
2017 Dendrobium Tdares Pink Love
2017 Dendrobium Tdares Purple Emperor
2017 Dendrobium Tdares Smile
2017 Dendrobium Tdares Sunny
2015 Dendrobium Tdares Charming Smile
2015 Dendrobium Tdares Eyelash
2015 Dendrobium Tdares Floribunda
2015 Dendrobium Tdares Sakura
2015 Dendrobium Tdares Soldier
2015 Dendrobium Tdares White
2013 Dendrobium Tdares Double Lover
2013 Dendrobium Tdares Empirehime
2013 Dendrobium Tdares Lucky Emperor
2013 Dendrobium Tdares Oriental Ribbon
2013 Dendrobium Tdares Red Jewel
2013 Dendrobium Tdares Sweety Princess
2013 Dendrobium Tdares Tower of Love
2013 Dendrobium Tdares Yukibaby
2012 Dendrobium Tdares Angel Cake
2012 Dendrobium Tdares Angel Emperor
2012 Dendrobium Tdares Angel Lake
2012 Dendrobium Tdares Angel Love
2012 Dendrobium Tdares Baby Smile
2012 Dendrobium Tdares Fragrant Angel
2012 Dendrobium Tdares Sweet Angel
2012 Dendrobium Tdares White Carpet
2009 Dendrobium Tdares Brilliant
2009 Dendrobium Tdares Dream Lake
2009 Dendrobium Tdares Joyful
2009 Dendrobium Tdares Lovely
2009 Dendrobium Tdares Sweet Smile