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Den. SBG Learning Forest

= Margaret Thatcher  x   Pan Shou   ( has 1 hybrid progeny )  registered: 21/05/2015 by  Singapore Bot. Gdns
ANOS judging segment: ANOS exotic   (Section Ceratobium / Phalaenanthe / Spatulata )

Species composition summary:

lasianthera 31.3%   gouldii 21.9%   discolor 18.%   mirbelianum 7.%   lineale 7.%   taurinum 3.1%   schulleri 3.1%   schroederianum 2.3%   bigibbum 1.6%   aries 1.6%   nindii 1.6%   phalaenopsis 0.8%   tokai 0.8%

Detailed composition:

Den. SBG Learning Forest  = Margaret Thatcher  x  Pan Shou = [Concham x lasianthera] x [Black Spider x Lady Dibela's Jewel]
Lady Dibela's Jewel = Lady Dibela x Fran's Jewel = [John Bulford x Alex C. Chang] x [Momi Cummins x Blanche Aisaka]
Halawa Beauty = Brisbane x Pacific = [X superbiens x lineale] x [Louisae x 442nd Infantry]
Champagne = discolor x mirbelianum
Blanche Aisaka = Blue Jay x gouldii = [Louisae x nindii] x gouldii
Alex C. Chang = Janice Tanaka x schulleri = [aries x taurinum] x schulleri
Hula Girl = Hawaii x discolor = [phalaenopsis x tokai] x discolor
442nd Infantry = taurinum x lineale
Black Spider = gouldii x Halawa Beauty
Concham = Constance x Champagne = [discolor x lasianthera] x [discolor x mirbelianum]
Momi Cummins = gouldii x Hula Girl
John Bulford = Yellow Curls x gouldii = [Champagne x discolor] x gouldii
Louisae = schroederianum x lineale
X superbiens = bigibbum x discolor