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Den. Okayama Gold = Midas x Yellow Ribbon  Registration:  1992 by Yamamoto J.


x with:
Asian Beat  = Asian Gold  2014 Yamamoto, Hirofumi
Asian Beauty  = Rainbow Dream  2013 Yamamoto, Hirofumi
Beautiful Sunset  = Golden Magic  2013 Yamamoto J.
Cygnus  = Gold Moon  2015 Yamamoto, Hirofumi
Golden Egg  = Honey Smile  2009 Yamamoto J.
Golden Heart  = Golden Smile  2011 Yamamoto, Hirofumi
Lai's Pearl Ribbon  = Lai's Okay Pearlbon  2007 Lai C.L.
Oriental Smile  = Golden Sky  2014 Yamamoto, Hirofumi
Red Emperor  = Holy Light  2015 Yamamoto, Hirofumi
Santana  = Fancy Yellow  2007 Yamamoto J.
Second Love  = Pingtung Amanda  2017 Nat. Pingtung Uni. -Chin S.W.
Seigyoku  = Pingtung Yellow Boy  2017 Nat. Pingtung Uni. -Chin S.W.
Sunny Girl  = Sunny Bird  2009 Yamamoto J.
Super Star  = Tdares Lovely  2009 Tdares
Yellow Magic  = Mellow Heart  2010 Yamamoto J.
Yellow Ribbon  = Fine Gold  2014 Yamamoto, Hirofumi