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21 Dendrobium hybrids registered by Neo Tuan Hong :

2016 Dendrobium Chai Kiam Eng
2016 Dendrobium Peace Star
2015 Dendrobium Lee Foong Ying
2014 Dendrobium Joaquim's Magenta
2014 Dendrobium Lee Boon Ngan
2014 Dendrobium Pink Power
2013 Dendrobium Kathy Ong Mei Lee
2011 Dendrobium Amelia Lim Yu Wei
2011 Dendrobium Wendy Lim Shuang Shuang
2010 Dendrobium Bugis Pink
2010 Dendrobium Fu Xing
2010 Dendrobium Rasa Sayang
2010 Dendrobium Seng Kang
2009 Dendrobium Aurora Yingchun Villacellino
2009 Dendrobium Goldmine
2009 Dendrobium Sharna Seeto
2007 Dendrobium Catherine Jane Tkatchenko
2002 Dendrobium Mitchel
2000 Dendrobium Temasek Princess
1999 Dendrobium Millennium Jade (originator: Woon Leng Nurs. )
1997 Dendrobium Mother Teresa