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20 Dendrobium hybrids registered by Woon Leng Nursery :

2017 Dendrobium Ah Hee
2017 Dendrobium CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel (originator: Soontornekajjit T. )
2017 Dendrobium Meg Whitman (originator: Ong Bor Kia )
2015 Dendrobium Bai Shi Yin
2015 Dendrobium Lee Chang Yi Miriam (originator: Khetphaiboon T. )
2015 Dendrobium Neeraj Swaroop
2015 Dendrobium Niang Niang
2014 Dendrobium Isabella Huang (originator: Chua Hong Hor )
2014 Dendrobium Jackie Chee Jart Hoon (originator: Ong Bor Kia )
2014 Dendrobium Yap Su-Yin (originator: Ong Bor Kia )
2013 Dendrobium Cornelius Timothy
2010 Dendrobium Haldis Morterud (originator: Bright Garden )
2010 Dendrobium Lois Lee
2009 Dendrobium Hoerbiger (originator: Chua Hong Hor )
2009 Dendrobium Leong Yok Kin (originator: Chua Hong Hor )
2007 Dendrobium Mangosteen (originator: Phong Thorn )
2006 Dendrobium By Shangri-La Singapore (originator: Toh Garden )
2006 Dendrobium H. H. Yisie Vorle (originator: Chua Hong Hor )
2004 Dendrobium Vonny Fantasy (originator: O/U )
2000 Dendrobium Millennium Gold