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Den. Garden City Pioneers

= Rotary Club of Singapore  x   Kovalas  registered: 19/11/2014 by  Singapore Bot. Gdns
ANOS judging segment: ANOS exotic   (Section Ceratobium / Phalaenanthe / Spatulata )

Species composition summary:

lasianthera 25.%   helix 12.5%   phalaenopsis 11.7%   schulleri 9.4%   taurinum 8.4%   lineale 7.8%   tokai 7.4%   discolor 4.8%   schroederianum 4.1%   gouldii 3.1%   bigibbum 1.7%   nindii 1.6%   stratiotes 1.1%   aries 0.8%   mirbelianum 0.8%

Detailed composition:

Den. Garden City Pioneers  = Rotary Club of Singapore  x  Kovalas = [Jean Chretien x Rita Leicester] x [Ryzhkova x lasianthera]
Rita Leicester = Denise Leicester x helix = [Louisae x May Neal] x helix
Fran's Twist = Blanche Aisaka x taurinum = [Blue Jay x gouldii] x taurinum
Anching Lubag = Betty Ho x Stacee Ohashi = [Misty Green x Maynouk] x [Dan O'Brien x Roberta]
Liholiho = May Neal x Ethel Kawamoto = [Hawaii x schulleri] x [Shibata x discolor]
Walter Oumae = Theodore Takiguchi x lineale = [Valley King x phalaenopsis] x lineale
Alice Spalding = tokai x discolor
Roberta = Goldenhill x May Neal = [May Neal x schulleri] x [Hawaii x schulleri]
Maynouk = Anouk x May Neal = [Pompadour x phalaenopsis] x [Hawaii x schulleri]
Paknam Po = Valley King x Walter Oumae = [Mildred Kazumura x phalaenopsis] x [Theodore Takiguchi x lineale]
May Neal = Hawaii x schulleri = [phalaenopsis x tokai] x schulleri
Ethel Kawamoto = Shibata x discolor = [taurinum x tokai] x discolor
Rose Chong = May Neal x Janice Tanaka = [Hawaii x schulleri] x [aries x taurinum]
X superbiens = bigibbum x discolor
Ryzhkova = Garnet Beauty x Fran's Twist = [Concert x Liholiho] x Fran's Twist
Jean Chretien = Mak See x Anching Lubag = [Madame Vipa x Walter Oumae] x Anching Lubag
Concert = Orchidwood x Alice Spalding = [bigibbum x phalaenopsis] x Alice Spalding
Madame Vipa = Lily Yang x Paknam Po = [Theodore Takiguchi x Rose Chong] x Paknam Po
Louisae = schroederianum x lineale
Blue Jay = Louisae x nindii = [schroederianum x lineale] x nindii
Dan O'Brien = Manoa Gold x schulleri = [Janice Tanaka x Ethel Kawamoto] x schulleri
Misty Green = Green Curls x Ethel Kawamoto = [mirbelianum x Alice Spalding] x Ethel Kawamoto
Hawaii = phalaenopsis x tokai
Valley King = Mildred Kazumura x phalaenopsis = [Hawaii x stratiotes] x phalaenopsis
Theodore Takiguchi = Valley King x phalaenopsis = [Mildred Kazumura x phalaenopsis] x phalaenopsis
Pompadour = Louis Bleriot x phalaenopsis = [schroederianum x X superbiens] x phalaenopsis
Janice Tanaka = aries x taurinum
Shibata = taurinum x tokai
Mildred Kazumura = Hawaii x stratiotes = [phalaenopsis x tokai] x stratiotes