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Den. Fong Ling Hye

= De Pentecost  x   lasianthera  registered: 8/08/2013 by  OSSEA -Neo Tuan Hong
ANOS judging segment: ANOS exotic   (Section Phalaenanthe / Spatulata )

Species composition summary:

lasianthera 75.%   taurinum 12.5%   nindii 7.8%   gouldii 3.1%   lineale 0.8%   schroederianum 0.8%

Detailed composition:

Den. Fong Ling Hye  = De Pentecost  x  lasianthera = [Henriette Bedie x lasianthera] x lasianthera
Fran's Twist = Blanche Aisaka x taurinum = [Blue Jay x gouldii] x taurinum
Henriette Bedie = Pink Lips x Fran's Twist = [nindii x taurinum] x Fran's Twist
Blue Jay = Louisae x nindii = [schroederianum x lineale] x nindii