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Den. Ursula Glow

= Ursula  x   Edfrans Glow   ( has 1 hybrid progeny )  registered: 21/11/2011 by  Singapore Bot. Gdns -O/U
ANOS judging segment: ANOS exotic   (Section Phalaenanthe / Spatulata )

Species composition summary:

discolor 33.5%   lineale 25.%   schulleri 19.9%   phalaenopsis 9.9%   stratiotes 5.5%   tokai 4.4%   gouldii 0.8%   taurinum 0.7%   bigibbum 0.4%

Detailed composition:

Den. Ursula Glow  = Ursula  x  Edfrans Glow = [discolor x lineale] x [Imelda Romualdez x Fiftieth State Beauty]
Fiftieth State Beauty = Edythe Pung x Sunset Beauty = [schulleri x Caesar] x [Bessie x May Neal]
May Neal = Hawaii x schulleri = [phalaenopsis x tokai] x schulleri
Caesar = phalaenopsis x stratiotes
Sunset Beauty = Bessie x May Neal = [Bronze Queen x discolor] x [Hawaii x schulleri]
Little Eliza = Momi Cummins x discolor = [gouldii x Hula Girl] x discolor
Taurus = taurinum x discolor
Hula Girl = Hawaii x discolor = [phalaenopsis x tokai] x discolor
Alice Spalding = tokai x discolor
Imelda Romualdez = Milroy x Fiftieth State Beauty = [Beni x Fiftieth State Beauty] x Fiftieth State Beauty
Edythe Pung = schulleri x Caesar
Beni = Miss Hawaii x Little Eliza = [Concert x May Neal] x Little Eliza
Bronze Queen = Aloha x schulleri = [Hawaii x Taurus] x schulleri
Bessie = Bronze Queen x discolor = [Aloha x schulleri] x discolor
Hawaii = phalaenopsis x tokai
Concert = Orchidwood x Alice Spalding = [bigibbum x phalaenopsis] x Alice Spalding
Aloha = Hawaii x Taurus = [phalaenopsis x tokai] x Taurus