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ANOS Award No. 388

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Sarcochilus Effie 'Sheryl'  ACC/ANOS 2019 (VIC) Date : 19.Dec.2019 Points: 80.00
Owner: Adams, Peter & Sheryl
Event: special judging
Photos by: Peter Adams
Number of flowers: 107
Number of buds: 0
Number of inflorescences: 8
Measurements in mm:
 Flower across: 34 , vertical 35
 Petal   : 16L 8W
 Sepal   : 18L 10.5W
 Dorsal  : 18L 12.5W
 Labellum: 9L 7W
 Inflorescence Length: 320
Notes: (Sarco. Olive Nymph x Sarco. Fitzhart) SELECT to view hybrid details