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ANOS Award No. 329

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Dendrobium Midas Touch 'Sydenham'  AM/ANOS 2018 (VIC) Date : 14.Sep.2018 Points: 80.90
Owner: Drobski, Michael
Event: special judging
Photos by: Peter Adams
Number of flowers: 78
Number of buds:
Number of inflorescences: 4
Measurements in mm:
 Flower across: 45 , vertical 60
 Petal   : 26L 6W
 Sepal   : 25L 12W
 Dorsal  : 34L 10W
 Labellum: 11L 9W
 Inflorescence Length: 250
Detailed judging average points:
 Shape(25): 20.3
 Colour(20): 16.9
 Size(15): 12.1
 Substance/texture(10): 8.1
 Floriferousness(15): 11.6
 Habit(15): 11.9
Notes: (Den. Avril's Gold x Den. Yondi Tina) SELECT to view hybrid details