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ANOS Inc. in association with ANOS KABI Group Inc. invite all orchid growers to their 9th Triennial Show and Conference in Strathpine, Brisbane in 2019. The organisers are planning a program of speakers  to provide an interactive learning experience covering many aspects of Australasian orchids. Come along and join in the fun, expand your knowledge, catch up with old friends and make new ones.

The orchid show will have floor and bench displays, with Champion Hybrid and Champion Species both receiving $500.     

As well as photographic display and competition, the Botanical Artists’ Society of Queensland are putting on a display of botanical art and will have products for sale.

Also can you say that there will be a mass display of flowering Dendrobium speciosum at the show.


All judges and those in training are strongly encouraged to attend. There will be a half day session devoted to judging topics.


All enquiries regarding exhibiting of show plants should be directed to Dave Groffen at    agroffen4@bigpond.com

All enquiries regarding the photography competition be directed to Callyn Farrell at      callynfarrell@gmail.com



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  • Earth to Joy Orchids
  • Orchidaceous Supplies
  • Sunnyview Orchids
  • Windemere Bromelaid & Orchid Nursery
  • Sakdisri & Daughters Nursery


Confirmed Conference Speakers and Topics:


New addition to the Conference, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Matt. A.M. Renner, a systematic  botanist at the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, has agreed to be a speaker at the conference.


Fool me once: Do Plectorrhiza tridentata flowers deceive then reward their pollinators?   Matt Renner  (NSW)

Matt Renner is a Systematic Botanist at the National Herbarium of New South Wales.   Read more.


Seasonal Australian terrestrial orchids. Helen Richards (Vic.)

Helen Richards OAM has wide experience in conservation and cultivation of terrestrial orchids is a Director of the Australian Orchid Foundation. Read more.


Dendrobiums – growing the warm sections in sub-tropical and temperate zones. Robert Reitano (Qld).

A focus on the particular cultural requirements and breeding of the sections Spatulata, Phalaenanthe and Latouria. Robert is an ANOS and AOC judge who writes and lectures on Australian and Australasian orchids.  Read more.

 Native Orchid Hybridising – Where we have come from.  David Cannon (Vic.).

A retrospective look back at the early history of Australian Native Orchid Hybridising.

David is the patron of ANOS Inc. He has been actively involved in Dendrobium hybridisation for many decades. Read more.


Aeridinae (Sarcanthinae) hybrids. Roslyn Capell (NSW)

Roslyn is an ANOS and AOC judge, a well known writer, speaker and trainer on Australian orchids.  Read more.


Australian Dendrobiums – culture and breeding strategies. Callyn Farrell (NSW).

Callyn is the co-owner of DUNO and Elermore Orchids, an ANOS judge, and regularly lectures in Australia and New Zealand.  Read More.


Conservation project for endangered terrestrial orchids. Neil Anderton (Vic).

Neil is active in terrestrial orchid conservation at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne and is past president of Geelong ANOS. Read More.


A new classification for Dendrobium bigibbum. Peter Adams (Vic.)

Peter is a botanist, editor of The Orchadian, Registrar of ANOS Victoria Judging Panel and AOC judge who has many international publications and lectured widely on his research and breeding.


ANOS and The Orchadian – yesterday, today and tomorrow. Noel Grundon (Qld.)

Noel is an agricultural scientist, former editor of The Orchadian and an AOC judge and trainer.  Read more.


Judging forum. Moderator: Dave Groffen (Qld)

Dave is the National Registrar of Judges for ANOS Inc. Read more.

This is a half day session on judging, open to judges and growers, with speakers covering topics which will include judging Dendrobium and Sarcochilus hybrids.

There will be extended opportunity for discussion and questions during each session.


                          CONFERENCE   PROGRAMME   2019


Friday August 23rd

9.30 am                Session 1: Warm growing Australian/Australasian epiphytes

1 pm                      Session 2: Cool growing Dendrobium species and hybrids


Saturday August 24th

9.30 am                Session 3: Australian Sarcochilus and allies – culture and breeding

1 pm                      Session 4: Australian terrestrial orchids – conservation and culture


Sunday August 25th

9.30 am                Session 5:  ANOS Judging.



Hoping to see you all there so put the dates in your diary.

Dr.Sheryl D. Lawson

President, ANOS Council


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