Dendrobium hybrids checklist

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19 Dendrobium hybrids registered by Sien Orch. :

2008 Dendrobium Mufidah Jusuf Kalla
2005 Dendrobium Bumi Menangis
2005 Dendrobium Pasuruan Indah
2004 Dendrobium Bali Dancer
2004 Dendrobium Dina Agus Suyitno
2004 Dendrobium Indonesia Bersatu (originator: Bungaran Saragih )
2004 Dendrobium Yaap Solossa
2001 Dendrobium Cinta Aceh
2001 Dendrobium Cinta Papua
2001 Dendrobium Indonesia Beauty
2001 Dendrobium Kim Bora
2001 Dendrobium Kim Manjo
2001 Dendrobium Pita Loka
2001 Dendrobium Sentani Blue
2001 Dendrobium Tretes Moon
1995 Dendrobium Bali Moon
1995 Dendrobium Bali Queen
1995 Dendrobium Indonesia Emas
1995 Dendrobium Memoria Margaretha Junita